About Us

Debbie Stone, Head Trainer

Debbie Stone has headed up the training operation at Nighthorse Farm for 12 years.  Under her expert guidance, Nighthorse Farm provides top-notch care and scrupulous training that together result in success: Debbie’s clients consistently win show championships in hunters, jumpers and equitation.  Debbie’s training philosophy reflects her passionate love of horses and dedication to the sport.  She works closely with her clients to set goals and achieve the results they desire, always encouraging teamwork between each horse and rider.  Debbie is regarded as much for her riders’ frequent ribbon-winning as she is for her ever-present smile. 

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Linda Stone, Founder

Linda Stone serves as the Nighthorse Farm barn manager. Her extraordinary attention to detail accounts for our meticulously organized barn, an operation that runs smoothly day after day. Linda lives and breathes horses – she can usually be found on the back of one, that is, if she is not working in a stall or the feed room!

Albert Guevara, Head Groom

Albert Guevara dedicates himself to ensuring the safety of both his horses and riders.  As head groom, Albert manages turnouts, lunging, body clipping, feeding, and stall checks on a regular basis.

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